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Equipment – Made to Order items & Large Machinery Terms and Conditions are listed below :-

In addition to the Standard Terms and Conditions there are additional sections for large items of machinery such as tunnel dryers, heat presses, hand benches, floor standing carousels, washout booths, premium flash dryers. Refurbished items.


Customising your Item: We are happy to discuss and arrange customisations to your item. You need to be aware that any customization you request means that that your item now becomes a ‘special order’ item.


Placing an Order: Once you have decided on what you would like to order from us we need you to provide a written order together with a deposit of 50%. We are happy to accept confirmation via email or fax as well as by post. We will not proceed with any order until we have received written confirmation and cleared funds.

For refurbished items the total amount is due at the time you place your order.

Cancelling your Order: We do not accept cancellations for any items in this category. If you decide you no longer want or need the item we will not refund your deposit and you are still liable for the full invoice amount. All goods remain the property of Screen Inks and Solvent Supplies Ltd (SISS) until you have paid for them in full.

Lead times: Lead times vary depending on the product you have ordered and whether or not we manufacture it ourselves. We try to be realistic when we quote lead times but sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control which mean that these dates will vary. We ask you to be careful about making any commercial commitments until we have provided you with a confirmed delivery date.

Dispatch: We will ask you to pay any outstanding balance in full ahead of dispatch. We will not arrange dispatch until we have received and cleared the full amount of the invoice.


Delivery: We will deliver your goods to a ground floor entrance that has vehicle access. You are responsible for:

  • Making sure that the entrance and accesses to the final installation site are big enough to allow for access and transport of the machine.

  • Providing any lifting equipment and personnel required to unload the machinery from the delivery vehicle and for transporting it to its final installation site.


If you haven’t been able to provide the appropriate equipment or staff, we will do our best to help you but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to unload the machine, especially if you have not given us prior notice.

If the lifting equipment and personnel are not in place or if any of the machinery needs to be dismantled to gain access, then we may decide to levy a charge of £50 per hour.

If we assist you in unloading the equipment and transporting it to the final installation site we will not accept liability for any damage caused to the item or to your property.

Installation: You must make sure that all the necessary electrics, compressor/air pressure, ventilation are ready for the equipment to be installed. We cannot do this for you and if the installation site is not adequately prepared we may not be able to carry out the installation. In these cases we will charge you to come back and install the machine once you have made the necessary arrangements.

Warranty: All warranties/guarantees are offered in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranties/guarantees; full details are available on request. Screen Ink and Solvent Supplies Ltd manufactured items come with a 12-month warranty that covers parts and labour but does not cover heating elements or bulbs (unless otherwise stated).


All second hand machinery unless otherwise stated is sold as seen.

It is down to you to ensure that the machinery is fit for your purpose. If the equipment is not fully inspected/viewed by you before delivery then it is still sold as seen, we will not repair or replace any damaged platens, elements or belts that have rips or holes unless agreed beforehand.

Warranty Repairs: If you need a warranty repair to an item that is under warranty you should contact us immediately. Please be sure to contact us first if you have a problem. You will void your warranty if you allow anyone else to attempt to repair the machine. We will attempt to attend at your site within 48 hours. If we find that the problem has not been caused by a fault in our product, we may charge you for any costs we have incurred.

Please be aware that we will not be held liable for loss of production or any other consequential loss as a result of a fault.

If your product is out of warranty or has a defect to a non-warranty item we can still repair it for you but there will be a charge for parts and labour.

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