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SISS Screen Filler

Solvent Resistant Filler (Blue / Green) – For use with Plastisol and solvent based inks.

Water Resistant Filler (Red) – For use with water based inks


Screen Filler can be used for spotting out and for masking open areas.


Masking Open Areas:

  • Pour on to the inside of screen & spread using either a coating trough, plastic spatula or a piece of stiff card
  • Remove any surplus from the reverse side of the screen
  • Allow to dry – warm air will speed up the process
  • For coarse meshes re-apply as necessary.


For spotting out:

  • Examine screens for pin-holes. Use a brush or non-sharp instrument to apply a spot of filler to any pin-holes.  Apply to the print side.

SISS Screen Filler

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