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Union Mixopake

Union Mixopake Plastisol Ink range is excellent for everyday printing, has high opacity and prints easily by hand.
Similar to Maxopake, it is a system to mix standard Pantone and Union colours to order. They provide you with the opportunity to simulate almost any colour in the PANTONE® Gloss Colour Selector.

The Mix-Opake inks are an excellent choice for standard colours when colour matching is not required. With Mixo plastisols, you won’t have to slow your production with additional flash curing stations between colours or to clean excessive build-up under the screens. Prints cleanly at maximum press speeds with virtually no build-up. Excellent for everyday printing, prints easily by hand.

MIXO Series plastisols will fully cure and withstand repeated washings when the entire ink deposit reaches 149C.


Available in US Gallon or 1 Litre quantities


Colours available:

MIXE-1000 Mixopake Super White
MIXE-2002 Mixopake Yellow G/S
MIXE-2042 Mixopake Yellow R/S
MIXE-3002 Mixopake Red Y/S
MIXE-3007 Mixopake Red B/S
MIXE-4001 Mixopake Magenta
MIXE-4002 Mixopake Violet
MIXE-4003 Mixopake Cerise
MIXE-5001 Mixopake Blue G/S
MIXE-5003 Mixopake Blue R/S
MIXE-6002 Mixopake Green
MIXE-8000 Mixopake Black
MIXE-F211 Mixopake Neon Orbit Yellow
MIXE-F212 Mixopake Neon Golden Yellow
MIXE-F214 Mixopake Neon Flame Orange
MIXE-F312 Mixopake Neon Aurora Pink
MIXE-F411 Mixopake Neon Magenta
MIXE-F511 Mixopake Neon Solar Blue
MIXE-F611 Mixopake Neon Traffic Green

Union Mixopake

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