Needing High Production DTG?

Needing high production DTG capabilities? We highly recommend  that you take a look at the Roland Texart XT-640S DTG Printer range.  Designed to deliver reliable, high-quality output on-demand, giving you the capability to provide mass customisation of textile products.  It can print a T Shirt in as little as 8 seconds.

Roland Texart XT-640S DTG

Roland Texart XT-640S DTG the solution for high production DTG


Produce high-quality garments more eco-friendly

DTG printing lets you produce impressive designs with vivid colour, dense whites, and impressive gradations more sustainably using ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified inks and primers. A stamp of approval for ecologically responsible textile manufacture, free from harmful chemicals. This is a great opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and cater to eco-conscious customers without compromising the quality.

Increase the profitability of your workflow

Keep your set-up costs and space to a minimum. DTG devices can print on a wide range of cotton, cotton-rich and white polyester t-shirts/apparel with low fixed costs. There’s no need for screens, films or stocks of printed designs. Low fixed costs make DTG an incredibly efficient method for small and medium orders – perfect in times of ever-changing customer appetites coupled with rising demands for highly customised garments.


Give your customers unlimited options

Personalise apparel with digital customisation and print any design on numerous types of products – bags, jumpers, t-shirts – you name it! No need to be afraid of high-detailed and complex designs. Plus, multiple platens allow direct printing onto XS and XXXL t-shirts simultaneously with remarkable consistency.

Enable flexible on-demand production

The rise of on-demand manufacturing changes the way producers interact with customers and suppliers and is especially relevant with increasing digitalization and customization in the industry. With DTG, you can quickly satisfy customers’ specific demands and start production much faster thanks to short set-up times compared to conventional screen printing. Stay ahead of your competitors and take advantage of the time and efficiency benefits of produce-to-demand manufacturing.

Streamline and monitor your production

Digital production gives you full control of ink usage, speed, white balance and more. Roland Ergosoft RIP software is packed with time and money-saving functions such as background colour removal for ink reduction and an auto-white generator allowing white data to be created easily within the RIP.

Roland Texart  XT-640S DTG Printer

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