SISS Equipment

We offer the widest range of equipment in the industry with equipment suitable for printers new to screen printing, education establishments and established small, middle or large screen printers. Many products are available online for purchase from our online store, Wicked Printing Stuff (WPS).

We manufacture our own range of carousels, accessories, flash dryers and tunnel dryers which are available for onward distribution.

Automatic Screen Cleaning Systems

Automatic Screen Cleaning

Do you need to increase employee and print productivity?  Do you need to proactively manage your screen inventory? Do you need to become more Eco friendly?  Need to reduce your Total Cost of Operation?

The WPS Automatic Screen Washing and Reclaiming System helps answer those questions. We have a range of systems for automatic cleaning and reclaiming to suit the most demanding screen throughput.  Coupled with the unique SISS Autoclean products we can come up with a solution giving you the lowest screen cleaning and reclaiming costs in the industry.

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Carousels, Presses and Clamps

Need a carousel, press or just a set of clamps?

We sell a wide range of table top and floor standing screen printing carousels, presses and benches :-

Carousels Multi Station Carousels

Tabletop carousels – are designed and built by us in the UK, high quality, compact, versatile, proven and ideal for space constrained areas. Comes with features such as micro registration which is normally only seen in more expensive equipment.

Multi Station Manual and Semi Automatic carousels – We manufacture own range of cost effective carousels and we are also the UK dealer for the WEISS range of carousels and presses. The quality of engineering is simply breath taking, the Weiss range is best in class, designed and built to last.

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Direct to Screen (DTS)

Direct-to-screen (DTS) imaging is ideal for the medium and large screen printer. Direct to screen technology is far superior to traditional film positives, and since they generate images directly on the screen, there’s no need for vacuum hold-down during the exposure process.


DTS has the following benefits:-

  • Improved detail  Better detail can be achieved than with film based exposures.
  • Improved Registration especially if the DTS supports pin registration / TRI Loc
  • No need for Film Positives
  • Significant labour savings

We sell the market leading SPYDER system from Exile Technologies and the amazing new FREEstyler DTS system including the integrated FREEstyler unit which includes stand and LED exposure unit.

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Drying Cabinets

Drying Cabinet

We sell standalone drying cabinets which are used for drying screen post washout and for drying emulsion.  We can supply any size or format so please contact us for more information.

If you are space constrained looking for an exposure unit with built in drying cabinet then we can supply these with metal halide, actinic and LED formats.

Options are also available for Drying Cabinets with integrated light boxes.

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Drying Racks

Drying Cabinets

WPS Heavy Duty drying racks are your solution – manufactured in the UK to the highest build quality.

Ideal for Screen Printing Workshops, Studios and educational establishments with large volumes of screens to process.

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Exposing Equipment

Which exposure unit is the right one for you? Then check out our blog article.

WPS sell a huge range of exposure units to suit all screen printers from beginners to large businesses. From the WPS entry level screen printing exposure lamp through to a range of  “all in one” enclosed exposure units, ideal for mid and large screen printing shops that require exposing large numbers of screens in a short time frame.

Exposure Units

WPS offer the following screen printing exposure solutions:

  • WPS Exposure Lamps – for beginners and small print shops
  • WPS Mini Exposure Units – uses UV tubes which are ideal for small screen printing workshops and education establishments (tabletop and drying cabinet models available)
  • WPS Mini LED Exposure Unit (tabletop and drying cabinet models available) which use the latest LED technology to give quick and accurate stencils
  • Actinic Units – for mid level print shops and educational establishments
  • Heavy Duty Units – for larger businesses and those with specific screen size requirements

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Fabric Tables

Fabric Tables

Looking for a large table for printing fabrics?

We can supply high quality fabric tables with length from 1 metre onwards with register rail, please note these tables are made to order in the UK.

Ideal for educational and professional fabric printers.

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Flash Dryers

Flash Dryers

Are you printing multi colours and need to dry between colours?

Do you have a low volume of garments to cure?

Flash dryers can serve both purposes and a flash dryer from Wicked Printing Stuff is the best in the market. In this category you will find the WPS and Panther Flash Dryer range:

WPS Flash Dryer – Ideal for home and small workshop conditions

WPS Hand Curer – Ideal for home, classroom and specialist print environments

WPS Panther Flash Dryer – Ideal for the medium to large screen printing business, and for those needing a flash dryer for large prints (Model 2 Flash Dryer)

WPS Pro Flash Dryer – Ideal for large printers, needing a flash dryer with timer, lamp management with optional integration with automatic carousels (MHM, M&R, SRoque etc)

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Hand Benches

High quality hand benches – light and easy to use and fitted with an aluminium suction base with a strong vacuum. Adjustable side arms fitted with toggle clamps allow any size frame to be fitted up to the maximum frame size of the master frame.  A light and easy to handle one arm with shackle with counter balance makes light work of printing.

A range of standard sizes are available, but any size can be made to handle any size print job.

Hand Benches 2 Hand Benches


  • Powerful suction motor
  • Micro adjustable suction base
  • Rear weight counter balance system
  • One arm squeegee unit
  • Front register locking device
  • Single Phase power
  • Each unit can be split for access through a standard doorway

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Image Setters / Film Positive Printers

We sell the EXILE Technologies Liberator line of thermal imagesetters in two different series.  These are high end precision image setting equipment.  To see if this equipment meets your requirements please contact us on 0161 442 6555 as we have solutions to meet every budget.

  • The Liberator XE models are EXILE’s top of the line system, printing at a true 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. This system is perfect for the printer that requires small font sizes, and high line screen frequencies.
  • The Liberator Gmax models offer printing resolutions of up to 600 x 1200 dpi. This is an excellent choice for printers using low line screens and general line art.

Both series come in the following sizes; 18.25″, 28.5″, 36″, 42″, and 54″. The Liberator systems are roll fed (capstan) devices, so film can be output at nearly unlimited length.

Image Setters

The Liberator imagesetters are driven by a Harlequin RIP that provides exeptional processing speed and reliability. This full featured RIP includes automatic media saving capabilities, precision halftone and stochastic screening, as well as a full raster preview. The RIP can be customized with trapping, proofing and specialized screening to fit your requirements. We sell both the equipment and the consumables.

Blaquer Ink Film Positives

The Blacquer Ink is a unique product developed to help you create fantastic high quality film positives at an amazing price.  Blacquer has been developed to produce the most dense black film positives on the market, increasing the quality of your screens in production.  You don’t need specialist RIP software,  just the standard RIP that comes with the printer.

Blacquer Ink is designed to use the Epson Printer Range, initally focussing on the 1500W with more models becoming available. We have worked closely with Blacquer to get the ink just right,  we use the system ourselves and are totally impressed with the results.

Blacquer Ink is available as refillable cartridges or in bulk, we also stock Blacquer film or get the complete bundle including the Epson printer!

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WPS Panther Tunnel Dryers

WPS Panther Tunnel Dryers are for printers with high volumes of garments to cure. WPS manufacture the amazing WPS Panther Tunnel Dryer Range. One of the most well-known brand of dryers in Europe with a reputation for quality, reliability, longevity and performance:-

Tunnel Dryers

  • WPS Mini – ideal for small printers, perfect for manual printers using Plastisol Inks
  • WPS Panther 700 – the most highly efficient small dryer in the market and the most popular dryer in UK, suitable for curing up to 500 garments per hour (plastisol ink). Available in either Single Phase or Three Phase power options. Ideal for manual printers.
  • WPS Panther 700L – longer drying oven idea for Screen Printers and Digital Printers (used with Annajet, Viper, Brother, Resolute DTG printers,  Epson DTG, Texjet and inks)  needed to cure high volumes of garments, available for Three Phase Power. Ideal for manual / semi automatic and DTG printers.
  • WPS Panther 8000 series longer drying ovens and options for wide belt sizes (up to 1.6m) ideal for industrial scale screen printers.
  • WPS UV Dryers available for curing UV inks
  • Gas Dryers available

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Washout Booths and Stencil Processing Units

WPS offers a range of Washout Booths to suit your needs. A high quality well designed booth is key in the proper cleaning and preparation of screens. Inks and emulsion can be power washed off the screen and into the sink to help other areas of your shop remain clean.

  • WPS Stainless Steel Premium Washout Booths in a range of sizes, ideal for medium to large printers
  • WPS Standard Galvanized Steel range ideal for small, medium, large businesses and educational customers
  • We sell WPS Essential Backlit Washout Booths and the WPS Premium High Quality Stainless Steel Units with perspex diffuser panel, lights and isolator. These booths are used for developing stencils.

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Water treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems

Large Screen Printing Shops – With the ever increasing demands from water authorities to reduce contaminates in wastewater, especially effecting large screen printing shops. We are offering the WPS Oscar 4000 Wastewater Cleaning System. Uses an active carbon filter solution to remove all hazardous chemicals from the water.


Small, Mid and Educational customers  We sell the unique WPS Essential Treatment System which can be plumbed into existing booths.  Different sized units are available based on typically screen production rates.

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