SISS Products

SISS offer the widest range of Screen Printing consumables, we manufacture our own range of pre-press products i.e. screen cleaners, chemicals and emulsions.  We complement our own range with products from some of the largest manufacturers in the marketplace.

Uniquely we are able to blend pre-press products to meet your requirements, coupled with our ink matching service we have the capability to meet the most demanding of requirements.


Screen Printing Emulsions



Looking for a high performing Emulsion.

Or an emulsion which works best with DTS?

  • Sericol (Diazo) Diarsol Rapid, Diarsol 22 and 25
  • Sericol (Dual Cure) 916, Supercoat, supertex
  • Sericol (SBQ) Diarsol 125, Diarsol 132
  • Chromaline (Diazo) CP Tex
  • Chromaline (Dual Cure) UDC-2 and UDC-HV
  • Chromaline (SBQ) CT-R
  • Ulano (Diazo) – 925WR
  • Ulano (Dual Cure) – Proclaim / Proclaim HR / QT-Discharge / Epic Cure (Pre sensitised)
  • Ulano (SBQ) – Platinum
  • Macdermid Autotype Autosol 6000 Plus (Diazo)
  • Macdermid Autotype Autosol 5000 (Dual Cure)
  • SISS DCS40 (Dual Cure) and OP38 (SBQ)

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Capillary Film


Are you an industrial printer looking for Capillary Film?


  • We sell the Ulano EZ range of films ideal for Textile printers
  • Chromaline Films including the High Build Super Phat Films
  • The well-known industry standard Macdermid Capillex Range of Films

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Mesh Preparation Products

Looking for Mesh Preparation Products?



We manufacture our own effective range of degreasers and wetting agents available in ready for use or concentrate formats.

We also stock the popular Sericol Xtend including Sericol Universal mesh Prep (ABU70) and Macdermid Autotype ranges.

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Screen Cleaning Products

Needing effective screen cleaning products?


We manufacture our own range of Screenwashes including the new Autowash  (part of our Auto clean range) product which is especially formulated for Automatic Washing Machines.

Our screenwash range includes GP (General Purpose), LF screenwash (low odour, not as strong as GP – but great for 2 pack inks), KC Safewash (VOC free / Biodegradable), SISS Safewash NE GEL Screenwash (more containable, hazard free and you can leave on the screen).

We also sell Sericol screenwash including ZT639.

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Problems with Ghosting?


Our range of Ghost / Haze removers are proven and effective.

  • KC Haze Easiclean Remover low strength remover ideal for dealing with light to moderate ghosting (can be left overnight) ideal for education establishments (KC Safewash)


  • WM Haze Easiclean Remover oderate strength remover ideal for dealing with moderate to heavy ghosting (30 minutes)
  • ES Haze Easiclean Remover High Strength remover ideal for removing heavy ghosting (30 minutes)

We also stock Macdermid Autotype Autohaze and Sericol Ghost removers (ANS81 anti stain ultra) (AND50 anti stain diazo remover)

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Stencil Removal


We manufacture the widest range of stencil strippers in the market  complimented with products from Sericol and Macdermid :-

  • PSS Concentrate Stencil Remover (25:1 with water)
  • PSS Solve RFU Strip (Acid free)
  • PSS Gel Stencil Stripper
  • Sericol Stencil Strip concentrate (SUH64 Stencil Decoating Concentrate)

Our range includes the new Autostrip (part of our auto clean range) product which is especially formulated for automatic washing machines.

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Waterbase Inks

Are you a Textile Printer thinking of moving over to Waterbased Inks? Or looking for Paper Inks?
We are distributors of Magna Colour waterbased range which is designed to meet the requirements of the commercial printers and to meet strict ECO standards.

  • MagnaPrint Bases
  • MagnaPrint Discharge
  • MagnaPrint ECO Pigments
  • MagnaPrint Special Effects
  • Pantone matching system

magna print

We offer the largest range of Waterbased inks and specialist additives including Magna Colour, Sericol, Permaset Permaprint, Permaset Supercover, Permaset Permatone and WPS Waterbased ranges including the high opacity WPS Superflex range and WPS Paper Art ranges.

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Waterbased Discharge Inks


Magna Colours ULF – The patented MagnaPrint ULF range which are Formaldehyde Free and Soil

Association Approved. Available as either a base / pigment / activator system or ready for use (just needs to be activated)

  • Magna Colours – AB / AW Discharge Inks available as either a base / pigment / activator system or ready for use (just needs to be activated) – Soil Association Approved
  • Sericol TexCharge range – Soil Association Approved
  • Rutland and Union Plasticharge inks

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Plastisol Inks





Needing a reliable supply of Plastisol inks

We are distributors of Sericol Texopaque Classic, Sericol Texopaque, WPS and  Union / Rutland inks.

We sell the Rutland and Sericol PVC free, mixing free, high opacity range of ECO friendly inks.

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Solvent Inks.


Whatever the substrate you use we will have an ink to print onto it.

  • We distribute Sericol, Nazdar UV inks for specialist applications, Sun Chemicals, Rondec, Kromex and Coates ranges of inks
  • Sericol Solvent inks includes Polyplast, Mattplast, Corripol, Seristar, Polydyne, Seritec, Polyscreen, Nylobag, Nylotex, Plastijet and Rub Removable Silver and Gold
  • UV inks and varnishes (including Sericol UV391)

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Film Positives


We sell the high performing Chromaline range of positive paper and films which is available in cut sheet or rolls depending on your requirements. We stock papers suitable for either ink jet or laser printers.

  • Folex laser film A4 / A3
  • If you are using a laser printer to create your screen positives and need an opaque image then we recommend Folex Folatoner Density Spray.
  • Exile (OYO) Thermal image setting film

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Ancillary Products



We stock a wide range of ancillary products, to cover all of your screen printing needs,



  • Gloves
  • Cleaning Brushes
  • Wipes
  • Mixing Sticks
  • Mixing Cups and Pots
  • Palette Knives
  • Tape
  • Platen Protection Tape
  • Pantone Guides
  • Platen Adhesives KFIX spray, ECO Tack and KFIX2 Roll on Platen Adhesive
  • Anti Static Spray
  • Screen reactivator spray

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Coating Troughs


We stock premium aluminium coating trough with removable ends, an absolute must for the professional screen printing shop

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Time to replace your squeegee blade?

squeegee-1 squeegee-2

We stock a wide range of types and sizes of squeegee blade, we use high performance blade which can be used for both manual and automatic operation.

We sell readymade squeegees to meet any size requirement, premium and essential aluminium handles available.

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Need new screens or time to restretch your old screens?

We offer a complete screen stretching service, using only high quality SAATI / SEFAR / Extris / NBC mesh we are able to meet the highest requirements.

We do keep popular ready stretched screens in stock for quick despatch.

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Transfer release products

Need high quality papers and release powder?


  • Cold Peel and Hot Peel paper available in sheets cut to your requirements. (Tullis Russell papers)
  • We stock different types of powder suitable for both manual and automatic application.


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Textile cleaner


We offer T9  Spot Cleaning Fluid

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