WPS Flash Dryer Range



The WPS Flash Dryers have a reputation for reliability and performance, ideal for professional screen printers with manual, semi automatic and automatic carousels.

• Uses ceramic elements giving optimum evenness of heat distribution
• Constant heat units
• Ceramic elements have an expect working life of 15 – 20 years
• All steel construction is powder coated for durability
• Wire safety guard on the top
• Long wave infra red is not colour sensitive, drying all colours equally
• Easily adjusted element height – up to 117cm (46 inches) above floor level.
• Power of elements is factory adjusted to give optimum flash dry time and power economy
• 4 Wheels heavy duty
• Long mains lead for convenience (6 metre)
• Flash time for plastisol (Sericol‘Texopaque’) is 10 seconds. Flash time can be extended by increasing the clearance between elements and the platen.

Model 1 :-

• Flash Area 16 x 16”
• Single Phase Power only – 13amp plug (16 amp version) also available
• Weight 18Kg

Model 2 :-

• Flash Area 21.5 x 16”
• We offer 3 power versions (13amp uses standard domestic plug), 16amp (using 16 amp single phase plug) and 20amp (uses 32amp single phase plug). The 16 and 20amp versions are recommended, please discuss with us your requirements.
• Weight 27Kg