Union Unimatch, Ultrasoft, Discharge and Trutone Ranges



Union Ink Tru-Tone plastisol inks are the premier inks for process colour printing on textiles. Tru-Tone inks have extremely accurate, consistent colours, very low dot gain, and are read to print with.
• Four colour process printing
• Wet on wet direct printing
• Ready to print accurate colours
• Extremely soft
• Minimal build up







PRPE-1080 Trutone EF Fine White
PRPE-2080 Trutone EF Process Yellow
PRPE-2089 Trutone EF Triple Strength Process Yellow
PRPE-3082 Trutone EF Process Magenta
PRPE-3089 Trutone EF Triple Strength Process Magenta
PRPE-5080 Trutone EF Process Cyan
PRPE-5089 Trutone EF Triple Strength Process Cyan
PRPE-8080 Trutone EF Process Black
PRPE-8089 Trutone EF Triple Strength Process Black
PRPE-9080 Trutone EF Process Half Tone Base

Available in US Gallons or 1 Litre Quantities

Union Plasticharge range which is a plastisol ink with discharge properties giving bright, colourful and soft hand prints on discharge dyed garments. Ideal solution for plastisol printers wanting the softest of prints.

Please note that not all garments will ‘discharge’, garments should be 100% cotton – always test on a small batch to make sure you get the result you want.

DSPCH-E100 EF Plasticharge White
DSPCH-E907 EF Plasticharge Additive






Union Plasticharge Additive Instructional Brochure

Union Unimatch Range – For mixing accurate and intense colours. For wet-on-wet direct printing on white, light coloured fabrics or under base whites.

PTHF-1000 Unimatch White
PTHF-2000 Unimatch Yellow
PTHF-2050 Unimatch Orange
PTHF-3000 Unimatch Red B/S
PTHF-3005 Unimatch Fire Red Y/S
PTHF-4006 Unimatch Violet
PTHF-4008 Unimatch Cerise
PTHF-5000 Unimatch Blue G/S
PTHF-5004 Unimatch Blue R/S
PTHF-6000 Unimatch Green
PTHF-8000 Unimatch Black
PTHF-F210 Unimatch Fluorescent Yellow
PTHF-F310 Unimatch Fluorescent Red
PTHF-F410 Unimatch Fluorescent Magenta
PTHF-F510 Unimatch Fluorescent Blue

Union Ink Unimatch TDS

Available in US Gallons or 1 Litre Quantites

Union Ultrasoft plastisol inks formulated for direct printing and heat transfer applications. They have good coverage on light and medium-coloured garments. When printing on dark fabrics, a white underbase is recommended.

PLUE-2011 Ultrasoft Lemon Yellow
PLUE-2041 Ultrasoft Golden Yellow
PLUE-2051 Ultrasoft Orange
PLUE-3001 Ultrasoft Vermillion Red
PLUE-3006 Ultrasoft Brite Red
PLUE-5005 Ultrasoft Brite Blue
PLUE-5020 Ultrasoft Mono Blue
PLUE-5035 Ultrasoft Royal Blue
PLUE-5040 Ultrasoft Navy Blue
PLUE-5048 Ultrasoft Light Navy
PLUE-6001 Ultrasoft Tahiti Green
PLUE-6091 Ultrasoft Kelly Green
PLUE-7031 Ultrasoft Sienna Brown
PLUE-F312 Ultrasoft Fluo Aurora Pink
PLUE-F611 Ultrasoft Fluo Traffic Green

Available in US Gallons or 1 Litre Quantities

Union Ink Colour Chart