Union Maxopake Ink Range



Union Maxopake Plastisol  ink continues to be an industry standard for printing onto dark shirts. High opacity direct print, they can be printed, quickly flash-cured and printed again to achieve extremely bright prints on garments. Also includes the highest opacity low bleed white – Diamond White

• Stencil: Use plastisol suitable emulsions such as Ulano Proclaim or Proclaim EC Epicure or Autosol 5000 or solvent resistant capillary film
• Squeegee: Typically 65 – 75 Blade
• Mesh: 32 – 77T
• Cleaning: Standard or Biodegradable Screen Wash
• Curing: 140 – 160 C (40 – 90 seconds depending on equipment, colour, garment and ink deposit applied).

Colours available:-

PADE-1062 NPT Nuevo Easy Print White
PATE-1000 NPT Athletic White
PLUE-1035 NPT Ultrasoft Litho Back Up White
PLHE-1070 NPT Low Bleed Diamond White
PLUE-8000 NPT Ultrasoft Black
PAGE-9030 NPT Premium Glitter Clear
PLHE-9040 NPT Barrier Clear
UNSE-9160 NPT Unistretch Clear

PADE-2010 Maxopake Lemon Yellow
PADE-2020 Maxopake Chrome Yellow
PADE-2044 Maxopake Golden Yellow
PADE-2064 Maxopake Orange
PADE-3006 Maxopake Brite Red
PADE-3010 Maxopake Scarlet Red
PADE-3020 Maxopake Flag Red
PADE-5008 Maxopake Brite Blue
PADE-5036 Maxopake Royal Blue
PADE-5085 Maxopake Opaque Process Blue
PADE-6008 Maxopake Brite Green
PADE-6016 Maxopake Lime Green
PADE-6090 Maxopake Kelly Green

Available in US Gallon or 1 Litre Quantities

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Red, white, Blue, Yellow