SISS TS Screenwash


SISS TS Screen wash is a water dilutable screen cleaner which is suitable for application by hand or using an automatic cleaning machine.  It will remove most inks used in the screen print industry.  This product is very low in odour and is (almost) hazard label free, making it an ideal choice for your screen reclaiming area.

When added to PSS Stencil Remover it becomes a one application mix for the removal of ink and stencil. TS Screen wash can also be used to activate both KS and WS Haze Remover products afters they have dried and before washing down with water.

How to use?

  • Mix 1 part TS screen wash with 2 parts water
  • Use a brush or cloth and apply to both sides of the screen in a circular motion – continue brushing until all of the ink layer is soft and loose
  • Rinse down both sides with mains pressure then use high pressure water spray

If you are using an automatic cleaning machine then mix 1 part TS with 2 or 3 parts water.  If your machine has a single chemical tank you can add PSS stencil remover concentrate at the mix at a ration of 1:25.

After removing both ink and stencil you can use KS or WS Haze remover and then dry. Activate with TS Screen wash before removing with water pressure followed by high pressure spray.

Available In 5 / 25 and 205 Litre containers.

Manufactured by SISS in the UK. . Please contact us for  pricing 01614426555.