SISS Super Stain Haze Remover


SISS Super Stain is a solvent based, alkaline gel which removes all types of stains from
Synthetic and stainless steel mesh:-

• SISS Super Stain is a ‘one pack’ easy to use system which is fast acting and has excellent cleaning power.
• This product has a stiff gel structure which enables optimum coating with a brush to the mesh.
• SISS Super Stain removes ghost image stains caused by residual ink, direct emulsion or capillary films.

How to Use?

• Whilst wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), apply SISS Super Stain to both sides of the mesh with a brush / spatula /squeegee  working well into the stained areas.
• Allow the screen to stand for ten minutes (longer periods can be detrimental to polyester mesh). Allow to stand at room temperature, do not accelerate drying with a heater or drying cabinet.
• Rinse off with main water pressure followed by high pressure water jet to completely remove mesh stains.

After using SISS Super Stain, the mesh will be free of grease deposits and so no further degreasing is required.

Available in 5 Kg packs.

Please contact us or phone 01614426555 for pricing or further information.

SISS Super Stain – How to Use