SISS Stencil Strip Crystals


SISS Stencil Strip Crystals have established a reputation for being one of the most efficient products for removing direct stencil materials. The Crystals can also be used with all types of mesh and is not affected by water hardness this ensures there is no build up of inactive residues in the mix.

SISS Stencil Strip Crystals are very cost effective and easy to use.  The Crystals when mixed are acid free and an ideal choice for any printers using automatic cleaning machines with a single tank for the application of both ink and stencil removers.

How to use

SISS Stencil Strip Crystals can be mixed at 1% (general use) or 2% solution (for use with coarse meshes and difficult to remove emulsions and capillary films).

Mix 100g of crystals with water in a suitable container. Using 10 litres of water gives a 1% mix and 5 litres a 2% mix. Important – Dissolve the crystals in warm water when mixing.

Ensure that the printed screen is free from ink residues. Screen cleaners such as EM Screenwash and KC Safewash are ideally suited to this task. having removed all traces of the ink, apply the mixed SISS Stencil Strip Crystals to both sides of the screen using a brush or cloth. Continue to brush the solution into the screen until the stencil material has fully dissolved.

Use mains water pressure followed by high pressure water jet to remove all residues from the mesh. If any ink or emulsion stains remain on the mesh it can be treated with KC Haze remover or WM Haze remover to bring the mesh back to a pristine condition.

Available in 100g sachet, 4 x 100g sachets or 1Kg pack.

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