SISS Print Down Frame (Light Source & Frame)


The SISS Print Down Frame Light Source – equipped with Halogen QUICK START lamp (no need to preheat the lamp). Light Source unit is equipped with wheels for easy displacement. Inclination and height can be adjust according to your needs. Ideal for Screen Printing Shops using large screens (e.g. Fabric / Industrial printers).

Halogen light source for fast and perfect screen exposing – Power from lamp can be: 3000W and 5000W
• Equipped as standard with photocell which measures light intensity to allow for automatic compensation of exposure times
• Capable to save until 10 different program times
• Emulsion hardener program available as standard
• Communication cable between the Frame and Light Source Unit giving a completely automatic system
• Wheels for easy adjustment from lamp position
• QUICK START lamp install (no need to pre heat the lamp)
• Counting hours program
• Angle and height adjustment is possible for optimal exposure result

Light Source Specifications:-

Power (3 Phase 400V) Model 1 3Kw / Model 2 5Kw
Weight Model 1 70Kg / Model 2 90Kg

Optional Print Down Frame Unit

• Low Noise Vacuum
• Yellow Pilot light for lining up
• Can communicate with Light Source
• Easy to move
• Easy to position screen


• Model 1: Max Screen Size 100 x 125cm (39 x 49”)
• Model 2: Max Screen Size 120 x 150cm (47” x 62”)
• Model 3: Max Screen Size 150 x 200cm (59” x 78”)
• Model 4: Max Screen Size 200 x 250cm (78” x 98”)

Please note these units are built to order therefore please expect 4 – 6 week lead time. Price excludes delivery, please contact us for price via email or phone 0161 442 6555.