SISS Oscar 4000 Waste Water Processing System


With the ever increasing demands from water authorities to reduce contaminates in wastewater, especially effecting large screen printing shops. We are offering the SISS Oscar 4000 Wastewater Cleaning System.  Uses an active carbon filter solution to remove all hazardous chemicals from the water.

  • The system is fully automatic – requires minimal operator intervention
  • You can adjust the PH levels with optional chemical
  • Includes water counter unit so you know how many litres have been treated
  • Designed for minimal maintenance, many of the components are user replaceable

The systems works in 3 steps

  1. The waste water is flocculated and PH neutralised. This enables solids to be removed by the use of a paper filtration bag
  2. The floccuated and filtrated water is pumped through the sand filter to capture smaller particles that have not been flocculated
  3. The filtrated water is pumped through an activated carbon filter in order to absorb any solvents.

Technical details

External depth 116cm, External width 182cm, External height 109cm, Power consumption 3Kw – Single Phase power. Weight 560kg.

If you require further information or a quotation please email   0161 442 6555