SISS Jet Dryer Industrial Range


The SISS Jet Air Dryer Industrial Range is a modular system designed for large printers with complex drying requirements. Primarily focussed on drying Solvent inks it can also utilise UV Dryer modules to provide the complete solution.

• Hot air made jet stream method to achieved optimal drying result
• Hot air made high velocity turbine and working method is closed loop chamber
• Mesh belt coated with Teflon
• Cold air made in room temperature by high velocity turbine
• Thermal isolated modules to ensure energy efficiency
• Chimney for fumes extraction
• Highly accurate digital temperature control with a result 1 Degrees variation
• Variable belt speed
• Easy access (45 degrees opening) for maintenance activities
• Optional Vacuum hold for sheet substrates

SISS Jet Air range:-













Made in the EU

If you require further information or a quotation please email 0161 442 6555


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