SISS ELF Screenwash


SISS ELF Screen wash is made using a blend of strong solvents which makes it perfect for the removal of most types of screen printing ink residues from screens. Uniquely ELF is emulsifiable. SISS ELF Screen wash has a low odour and is ideal for smaller print shops with limited air extraction.  It has a fast evaporation rate that ensures that there are no oily residues left on the screen.

SISS LF screen wash is water miscible, it can be used in  stencil reclamation where screen washes are rinsed of the screen with water prior to further cleaning.

How to use?

Apply a quantity of SISS ELF screenwash to a soft absorbent screen wipe (remember to wear gloves). Wipe the screen both top and bottom until all ink residues have been cleared. Finish cleaning with a dry clean wipe.

Available in 5, 25 and 205 litre pack sizes.  

Manufactured by SISS in the UK. Please contact us for pricing 0161 422 6555



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