SISS DTG Drying Cabinet Range


SISS DTG Drying Cabinet is a range of drying ovens that can have between 4 to 8 drawers. Ideal for all DTG printers who do not have space for a Tunnel Dryer. The oven is designed to dry prints made by direct to garment (DTG) printers. Inside the dryer there is air re-circulation that works in a closed loop chamber.

• Control Panel with TOUCH SCREEN
• LED Tower for quick visual of machine status
• Revolutionary Energy Saving mode
• Individual LED to indicate completion of curing time
• Automatic Shut down mode
• Programmable
• Hot air Turbine with high air intake
• Drawers covered in fibre glass material
• Double insulation of dryer to achieved high energy efficiency

Models available :-










Please email or phone 01614426555 for a quotation or for further information.