SISS Degreaser 110 Concentrate


SISS Degreaser Concentrate is diluted and applied to the mesh to give a clean, dirt and grease free surface. It works as a decontaminant to remove any grease, oil and solvent residue prior to coating the screen with emulsion.

• Dilute the Degreaser with 10 parts water prior to use
• Wet the mesh both sides using normal water pressure
• Apply the SISS Degreaser to both sides of the screen
• Some indication of foaming is correct and normal, if no foaming is seen then repeat the process. You may need to reduce the dilation and make the degreaser stronger if you are still not able to see any foaming.

Leave on the mesh for 1 – 2 minutes then rinse off with normal water pressure. Dry the screen prior to adding emulsion or capillary film.

Available in 1, 5 and 25 litre packs.

Please contact us or phone 01614426555 for pricing.