SISS Akorn Hot Air DTG Tunnel Dryer Range


SISS AKORN Air Tunnel Dryer Range

Drying tunnel suitable to dry the inks printed with Kornet DTG machines. Equipped with hot air turbine that will work in close loop air circuit so you have maximum drying capacity when working in the drying process from DTG inks. Drying tunnel uses 100% hot air. Includes photocell for saving energy mode and consumption calculations.

• 100% Hot air drying system;
• Mesh belt coated with TEFLON
• Electronic speed adjuster for belt speed
• Smoke aspiration cones in entry and exit
• Comes with energy saving energy mode
• Thermal isolation in all areas of the tunnel to achieved the maximum energy efficiency
• Digital Temperature control.

In service with 20 Kornet DTG installations across Europe.

Approximate Kornet DTG curing performance of standard 2.5 metre long dryer with 70cm belt:-

Max. drying t-shirts per hour (printing size 50×50 cm):
36 in black textile when using a drying time from 5 minutes inside
60 in white textile when using a drying time from 3 minutes inside
70cm belt

Models available:










Made in the EU

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