Sericol Textile Colour Concentrate TK


Textile Colour Concentrate TK is designed to increase colour strength of Fujifilm water-based textile inks. These concentrates cannot be printed on their own.

• Bright, transparent colour concentrates
• Used with Sericol water-based inks
• VOC free

Available colours :-

• TK001 Black
• TK021 White
• TK057 Primrose
• TK046 Golden Yellow
• TK103 Orange
• TK122 Scarlet
• TK152 Brick Red
• TK153 Carmine
• TK126 Magenta
• TK154 Fuchsia
• TK132 Violet
• TK218 Azure
• TK219 Oxford Blue
• TK316 Sea Green
• TK315 Emerald Green
• TK343 Brown

Available in 1Kg containers

Instructions and further information – click here

Textile concentrates together with TB318 Extender Base can be used also in the production of Water based Textile Transfers.