Sericol Texcharge Water Based Discharge Textile Inks



Sericol TexCharge is a water-based discharge textile ink, provides extremely bright, vivid colors, exceptionally soft hand and superior wash fastness. Designed for direct wet-on-wet printing onto cotton garments.

Exceptional soft hand
Bright and Clean Colours
Exceptional wash and dry clean resistance
Uses Seritone Colour Matching System for colour matching guide please click here
Bright, vivid colours
Low odour
Soil Association Approved (garment must be washed first)

Stencil: Use Water Resistant Emulsions such as Ulano 925WR and Dirasol 25
Activation: Prior to using the ink mix in 6% of TexCharge Activator. Once activated the ink has a shelf life of 8 hours – only mix what you need to avoid waste
Squeegee: Typically 65 – 75 Blade
Mesh: 24 – 120T
Cleaning: Use Water
Thinning: Use up to 10% water
Curing: 160 – 180 C (120 – 180 seconds depending on equipment, colour, garment and ink deposit applied). Always wash test to test cure.
Use in a well ventilated area

Please note that the colour image is indicative and should not be used as a colour swatch.

  • TC001 Black
  • TC021 White
  • TC025 Optic White
  • TC057 Seritone Primrose
  • TC046 Seritone Golden Yellow
  • TC103 Seritone Orange
  • TC122 Seritone Scarlet
  • TC153 Seritone Carmine
  • TC154 Seritone Fuchsia
  • TC132 Seritone Violet
  • TC218 Seritone Azure
  • TC316 Seritone Sea Green
  • TC381 Extender Base

Trichromatics inks

  • TC052 Trichromatic Yellow
  • TC135 Trichromatic Magenta
  • TC215 Trichromatic Cyan

Click here for MSDS – Inks

Click here for MSDS – Activator

Click here for Sericol Texcharge Product Guide

Available in 0.85 Kg and 4.25kg quantites


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