Sericol Seritec Screen Inks


Sericol Seritec TH is a range of lead free inks designed for printing second surface graphics for Membrane Touch Switch (MTS) and instrument panels.


Certain plastics may be impregnated with lubricants which, like plasticiser migration, may impair adhesion even a considerable period after printing. This can usually be overcome by wiping the surface with white spirit before printing. Surface adhesive left from protective papers should be thoroughly removed in line with suppliers’ instructions. Certain plastics can become brittle when printed, possibly to the point of shattering, often only after several weeks. It is therefore essential to check compatibility between ink and plastic to guard against this problem.

The Seritone Matching System

The Seritone Matching System enables printers to readily and economically match a wide variety of special shades. The Seritone matching colours have been specially selected for their cleanliness, colour strength and suitability for intermixing. Using the Seritone Matching Colours plus Black, White and Extender Base, almost any colour can be produced. The matching colours can be used on their own but because of the required cleanliness of tone these colours, though strong, are in some cases relatively transparent.
Colour Range Seritec TH is available in 13 standard intermixable colours plus base. Where required, TH381 Extender Base is available for intermixing

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