Sericol Seristar SX Range of Inks


Sericol Seristar SX is a high gloss, jet or air drying range for use on paper, display and corrugated board as well as other substrates such as hardboard, wood, glass, ‘Synteape’, coated polyesters and metal.

SX colours are fast drying and have excellent screen stability, self-solvency, rub and scuff resistance.

Seristar SX is fully miscible with Colorstar CS to produce intermediate finishes and can be used to over/underprint Colorstar CS.

Sericol Seristar Product Info Sheet

Colours available in 5 Litre packs :-

• Black SX001
• White SX021
• Tinting White SX030
• Opaque White SX025
• Light Yellow/Seritone Yellow (Green Shade) SX064
• Mid Chrome/Seritone Yellow (Red Shade) SX066
• Deep Orange/Seritone Orange SX114
• Vermilion/Seritone Red (Yellow Shade) SX121
• Seritone Red (Blue Shade) SX164
• Seritone Magenta SX165
• Deep Violet/Seritone Violet SX127
• Seritone Blue SX230
• Seritone Green SX325
• Extender Base CS381
• Varnish SX38


• ZC530 Thinner and Cleaner
• ZC533 Retarder
• ZC535 Detail Thinner
• ZC536 Special Thinner for SX