Sericol Polyplast PV Ink Range


Sericol Polyplast PY is a fast drying, high gloss ink designed for printing onto a wide range of flexible and rigid plastics. Polyplast PY inks offer safe, low temperature jet drying, good flexibility (suitable for vacuum forming), with good opacity.

Excellent screen stability and self-solvency, good petrol resistance (excellent when overprinted with APR Varnish) and up to 24 months outdoor durability.

• High gloss finish
• PANTONE®* Matching Formula available
• Low temperature jet drying
• Good flexibility (suitable for vacuum forming)
• Excellent screen stability and self-solvency
• Good opacity
• Good petrol resistance (excellent when overprinted with APR Varnish)
• 24 month outdoor durability

Sericol Polyplast PV Info Sheet

Following colours are available

• PY001 Black
• PY010 Tinting Black
• PY021 White
• PY030 Tinting White
• PY025 Opaque White
• PY064 (P) Light Yellow/Seritone Yellow (GS)
• PY066 (P) Mid Chrome/Seritone Yellow (RS)
• PY114 (P) Deep Orange/Seritone Orange
• PY191 (P) Vermilion/Seritone Red (YS)
• PY192 Scarlet
• PY164 (P) Seritone Red (BS)
• PY165 (P) Seritone Magenta
• PY127 (P) Deep Violet/Seritone Violet
• PY203 Mid Blue
• PY230 (P) Seritone Blue
• PY236 Reflex Blue
• PY283 Bright Green
• PY325 (P) Seritone Green
• PY461 Non Tarnishing Gold
• PY462 Silver
• PY941 Opaque Light Yellow
• PY943 Opaque Mid Chrome
• PY921 Opaque Vermilion
• PY922 Opaque Scarlet
• PY284 Monastral Green
• PY500 Obliterating Grey


• PY383 Polyplast PY Varnish
• PY433 EL Overprint Varnish
• VA401 APR Varnish


• ZV557 Thinner
• ZV556 Fast Thinner
• ZV558 Retarder
• ZV561 Vinyl Gel Retarder

Universal Tinters

A range of 10 non-fluorescent and 4 fluorescent highly concentrated colour bases for tinting. The fluorescent colours are not recommended for use with Polyplast PY, but up to 10% of the non-fluorescent tinters may be added.


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