Sericol Plastijet XG


Sericol Plastijet XG is designed for high speed printing of self-adhesive vinyls, rigid PVC and polystyrenes. The inks offer fast, safe drying, low odour, excellent screen stability, superb printability/ definition and freedom from static.

Trichromatic Plastijet TL is a thixotropic ink for high definition printing which dries to a smooth satin finish.

• Gloss/Satin finish
• PANTONE®* Matching Formula available
• Range includes metallics
• Low odour
• Excellent screen stability
• Good print definition
• 24 months outdoor durability

Sericol Plastijet XG Product Info Sheet

Standard Colours Plastijet XG (available in 5 litre containers):

• XG001 Black
• XG010 Tinting Black
• XG021 White
• XG030 Tinting White
• XG025 Opaque White
• XG064 Seritone Yellow (Green Shade)
• XG066 Seritone Yellow (Red Shade)
• XG114 Seritone Orange
• XG121 Vermilion/Seritone Red (Yellow Shade)
• XG122 Scarlet
• XG164 Seritone Red (Blue Shade)
• XG165 Seritone Magenta
• XG127 Deep Violet/Seritone Violet
• XG230 Seritone Blue
• XG325 Seritone Green
• XG461 Non-tarnishing Gold
• XG462 Decorating Silver
• XG384 XG Matting Base
• XG383 Plastijet XG Varnish

Trichromatic Plastijet TL

• TL052 Yellow
• TL135 Magenta
• TL215 Cyan
• TL004 Black
• TL396 Extender Base


• ZV551 Thinner and Cleaner
• ZV552 Low Odour Thinner
• ZV553 Retarder
• ZV561 Vinyl Gel Retarder
• ZV560 Adhesion & Surface Hardness Promoter
• ZV556 Fast Thinner
• ZV644 Polystyrene Thinner