Sericol Flexitex FE Plastisol Inks



Sericol Flexitex FE inks are plastisol inks designed for direct printing on to a wide variety of natural and synthetic fabrics. Fully cured, the ink film is highly elastic and resistant to cracking.

They cure at a lower temperature than conventional plastisols, making them suitable for printing many heat sensitive materials and those prone to dye bleeding at normal plastisol curing temperatures. Flexitex FE cures at 130 degrees C.


Most knitted and woven fabrics typically used for T-shirts, Sweat
Shirts, Sports and Fashion Wear, Badges, Hats and Caps, Travel Bags,


Suitable on most common, natural and synthetic, fibres i.e. Cotton,
Cotton/polyester blends. Many grades of synthetic fabrics.

• FE021 Athletic White
• FE381 Extender Base

Available in 5 ltr containers.

Sericol Flexitex FE Product Guide