Sericol Dirasol Pre – Sensitised Emulsion Range


Dirasol pre-sensitised photostencil emulsions offer distinct production advantages without compromising quality and performance.

Dirasol 125 is specifically formulated for plastisol and water-based inks used by textile printers and requires very short exposure times. Dirasol 132 has the same production advantages but is designed for graphic and industrial printing.

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Dirasol 132 is a pre-sentised emulsion offering outstanding resolution and definition. Highly resistant to solvent-based and conventional UV inks with good resistance to high humidity conditions.

• Blue, pre-sensitised photopolymer emulsion
• Excellent definition and resolution
• Easily decoated
• Good resistance to high humidity conditions
• Resistant to solvent-based, conventional UV and water-based UV inks

Dirasol CTS (Computer to Screen, also known as Direct to Screen) is a pre-sensitised photostencil emulsion designed to offer the optimum exposure speed on direct-to-screen stencil systems. Dirasol CTS is formulated for use with solvent based, 100% UV, and water-based UV inks.

• Red, pre-sensitised photopolymer emulsion
• Ultra-fast exposure speed
• Easily decoated
• Resistant to solvent-based, conventional UV and water-based UV inks