Sericol Corripol CR Range of Inks


Sericol Corripol CR is designed for printing fluted polyolefin sheet used for temporary signs, displays, and estate agent boards. The inks exhibit good screen stability and self-solvency, excellent adhesion properties and safe low temperature drying.

• Gloss finish
• Seritone Matching System
• Good screen stability and self-solvency

Sericol Corripol CR Product Info Sheet

Colours available (in 5 Litre containers)

• CR001 Black
• CR021 White
• CR064 (S) LF Light Yellow/Seritone Yellow (GS)
• CR066 (S) LF Mid Chrome/Seritone Yellow (RS)
• CR114 (S) LF Deep Orange/ Seritone Orange
• CR121 Vermilion CR191 (S) LF Vermilion/Seritone Red (YS)
• CR164 (S) Seritone Red (BS)
• CR165 (S) Seritone Magenta
• CR127 (S) Deep Violet/Seritone Violet
• CR230 (S) Seritone Blue
• CR325 (S) Seritone Green
• CR383 Varnish


• ZC521 Thinner
• ZC529 Retarder
• ZV556 Fast Thinner