Ricoh Ri100 DTG Printer

Introducing the remarkable and award winning Ricoh Ri100 DTG Printer. You can print images directly onto clothing fabrics (T Shirts / Hoodies / Tote Bags and many more) using state-of-the-art DTG technology. You can print a one-of-a-kind T-shirt or a personalized bag for a customer to take home then and there. Even a beginner can create beautifully printed products both safely and easily. It has never been easier to widen your business scope than with this one machine.

If you would like further information and to understand if the Ricoh Ri100 DTG Printer can work for you then please email us or call 01614426555.


Ideal for Garment Decorators wishing to provide quick turnaround DTG capabilities without the investment in large expensive DTG machines. Great for point of sale applications, schools, colleges, home printers – if you currently use Vinyl / Cut media then the Ri100 can revolutionise your business. It only takes 5 steps to produce a high quality printed garment
We are offering a complete package which includes:-

• Ricoh Ri100 DTG Printer
• Heating / Curing Unit (also known as finisher unit)
• 1 x A4 Tray
• Ink Collection Unit
• Set of standard Black (50ml), Cyan (35ml), Magenta (35ml) and Yellow (35ml) CMYK Garment Inks
• Maintenance Kit which includes cleaning liquid, cleaning tool, cleaning absorber, gloves / goggles, cleaning paper, cleaning stick, dropper and disposal bag

Specifications for Ricoh Ri100 – specification 2
Please check out this video which shows how easy the Ri100 is to use