Permaset Aqua Textile Waterbased Inks


Permaset Aqua Textile screen printing inks are:-

An ultra safe and ECO friendly range of inks product suitable for use on children’s clothing including babies

• Suitable for use in school and colleges
• Can be air dried.
• Environmentally friendly
• Supplied in small quantities
• Supplied in large quantities

Permaset Heat Curing Guide

Permaset Technical Data Sheet

Permaset Aqua Standard Colour Guide

Permaset Aqua Supercover Colour Guide

Permaset Aqua Fabric Printing Colour is a complete range of water-based inks including metallic and fluorescent colours. They do not contain PVC or phthalates, are more environmentally friendly and equipment can be easily cleaned with water.

Permaset Aqua inks do not contain any toxic chemicals. It is safe to use on baby clothes under 2 years, underwear and swimwear.

They are highly durable to wash, rub and dry-clean, together with intense pigment colour for excellent coverage, opacity and colour brightness. The ink colours have light-fastness ratings of at least 6/8 on the Blue Wool scale – in fact most of the colours received ratings of 8/8.

Permatone is a water-based 100% solvent free textile ink, designed for direct wet-on-wet printing on a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics. Heat cured, the unique formula offers an unsurpassed balance of colour brightness, softness and durability to wash, rub and dry-clean, eliminating the need for additives.

Permatone has a matching system which is PANTONE® approved enabling the system to produce simulations of the 950 PANTONE® colours.

Permaset Aqua Supercover deliver benefits including being environmentally friendly, soft to the touch, excellent opacity in a range of colours and exceptional durability. SuperCover colours are specifically designed to provide excellent coverage and opacity on dark fabrics.

They do not contain any toxic chemicals. Formulated free from Lead and other heavy metals and have passed the Oekotex Class 1 standard with 60% to spare. It is safe to use on baby clothes under 2 years, underwear and swimwear.

Range Includes

Permaset Permatone Extender
Permaset Permatone Black
Permaset Permatone White
Permaset Permatone Yellow G/S
Permaset Permatone Yellow R/S
Permaset Permatone Orange
Permaset Permatone Red B/S
Permaset Permatone Magenta
Permaset Permatone Violet
Permaset Permatone Blue
Permaset Permatone Green

Permaset Aqua Standard Glow Blue
Permaset Aqua Standard Glow Green
Permaset Aqua Standard Glow Magenta
Permaset Aqua Standard Glow Orange
Permaset Aqua Standard Glow Pink
Permaset Aqua Standard Glow Red
Permaset Aqua Standard Glow Violet
Permaset Aqua Standard Glow Yellow

Permaset Aqua Metallic Bright Silver
Permaset Aqua Metallic Copper
Permaset Aqua Metallic Gold Lustre
Permaset Aqua Metallic Pearl White

Permaset Aqua Process Black
Permaset Aqua Process Cyan
Permaset Aqua Process Magenta
Permaset Aqua Process Yellow

Permaset Aqua Accessories – Phosphorescent Green
Permaset Aqua Accessories – Puff Paste

Permaset Aqua Supercover Black
Permaset Aqua Supercover White
Permaset Aqua Supercover FD White
Permaset Aqua Supercover Blue B
Permaset Aqua Supercover Burgundy
Permaset Aqua Supercover Green B
Permaset Aqua Supercover Light Blue
Permaset Aqua Supercover Mid Red
Permaset Aqua Supercover Bright Red
Permaset Aqua Supercover Mid Green
Permaset Aqua Supercover Mid Yellow
Permaset Aqua Supercover Orange R
Permaset Aqua Supercover Purple
Permaset Aqua Supercover Rose
Permaset Aqua Supercover Scarlet
Permaset Aqua Supercover Ultra Blue
Permaset Aqua Supercover Yellow R

Permaset Aqua Supercover Glow Blue
Permaset Aqua Supercover Green
Permaset Aqua Supercover Magenta
Permaset Aqua Supercover Orange
Permaset Aqua Supercover Pink
Permaset Aqua Supercover Red
Permaset Aqua Supercover Violet
Permaset Aqua Supercover Yellow

Inks are available in 4L or 1L containers