Magnacolour Special Effects


MagnaPrint® Pearl Flex Sparkle is a ready to use stretchy / flexible print paste containing speciality pigments to obtain a “metallic-like” effect. It has a larger particle size than MagnaPrint® Pearl Flex Neutral for added shimmer and sparkle.

MagnaPrint Pearl Flex Sparkle TDS






MagnaPrint® Glitter Binder QPUK is a ready made, clear, elastic binder specially formulated for glitter effects. Glitter powders can be added at up to 20%. If necessary, MagnaPrint® Eco Pigments can be added to obtain the desired background shade.

MagnaPrint Glitter Binder QPUK TDS






MagnaPrint® High Gloss is a ready to use water-based printing paste which can be used to obtain glossy effects on coloured substrates. MagnaPrint® High Gloss can be coloured with MagnaPrint® Eco Pigments, pearls or glitters to achieve a variety of interesting visual effects.

MagnaPrint High Gloss TDS






MagnaPrint® Invisible ink is a high solids waterbased ink which glows bright blue under UV light. MagnaPrint® Invisible ink has been designed to give excellent print performance and open time on high mesh screens. It can be printed as a top coat or pigmented with up to 12% MagnaPrint® Eco Pigments.

MagnaPrint Invisible Ink TDS






MagnaPrint® Glitter Base AP is a ready to use print paste with a high gloss finish, soft handle and excellent wash fastness. Any shade of glitter can be achieved by tinting the paste with MagnaPrint® Eco Pigments. MagnaPrint® Glitter Base AP can also be printed directly or used as a overprint on pre-printed colours.

MagnaPrint Glitter Base AP TDS






MagnaPrint® Pearl are a ready to use print pastes containing speciality pigments to obtain a metallic-like effect. MagnaPrint® Pearl Neutral can be pigmented with the addition of up to 6% Eco Pigments to give desired shade. MagnaPrint® Pearl Silver SF is a ready to print Silver paste. MagnaPrint® Pearl Gold SF is a ready to print Gold paste.

Magnaprint Pearl Silver SF
Magnaprint Pearl Gold SF

MagnaPrint Pearl Range TDS






The MagnaPrint® UltraStretch Range is a high solids water-based ink designed to give superb elasticity on knitted fabrics. It gives a good degree of coverage/hiding power and excellent washing fastness.

Magnaprint Ultrastretch Neutral
Magnaprint Ultrastretch White

MagnaPrint UltraStretch TDS






MagnaPrint® Variotherm pigments are heat sensitive, thermochromic pigments which “lose” their colour as the temperature rises and recover their original state as the temperature returns to normal.

Variotherm Black AQ Conc
Variotherm Fast Blue AQ Conc
Variotherm Magenta AQ Conc
Variotherm Gold Orange AQ Conc
Variotherm Brill Green AQ Conc

MagnaPrint Variotherm Range TDS






MagnaPrint® Uvisenz inks are a range of light sensitive, photochromic, ready for use inks giving reversible colour change by exposure to UV or sunlight. When sunlight or UV light is applied, the molecular structure of the colourant changes and exhibits colour which when the light source is removed reverses back to its original state.

Uvisenz Yellow A/Q EX Conc
Uvisenz Blue A/Q EX Conc

MagnaPrint Uvisenz Ready for Use Inks TDS






MagnaPrint® Glow FX is a ready-to-use, water-based printing paste, created by Magna for intense, glow-in-the-dark print effects. The product has no base colour so remains invisible under natural light, but when in the dark, the charged inks glow brightly in either green, light blue or aqua. This effect can even last up 15 minutes without additional exposure to natural or ultraviolet light.

Magnaprint Glow Blue Green
Magnaprint Glow Yellow
Magnaprint Glow Red
Magnaprint Glow Orange
Magnaprint Glow Pink
Magnaprint Glow FX Green
Magnaprint Glow FX Aqua
Magnaprint Glow FX Blue

MagnaPrint Glow FX TDS






 MagnaPrint® Flockbinder NG is a specially formulated adhesive for all types of flock fibres. It is a fully aqueous ready to use adhesive, it should be printed immediately prior to the flock applicator.

MagnaPrint Flockbinder NG TDS


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