Magnacolour Discharge System


The ever popular MagnaPrint Discharge AB / AW which sets the standards for Discharge Printing giving bright and beautiful discharge effects.
Available in 5Kg, 30Kg, 60Kg and 120Kg quantities.

MagnaPrint Discharge Super White AB AW G5609 – super white discharge base for bright white shades
MagnaPrint Discharge Base AB AW G5665 – clear discharge base for strong, bright shades.
MagnaPrint Discharge White AB AW G5666 – semi white discharge base for white shades.
MagnaPrint Plascharge G5210 – can be used as an underbase or has a hybrid which you can mix 50/50 with a standard plastisol ink.
MagnaPrint Discharge Activator AB WX198/50.

Click here for the AB / AW Data Sheet

Mix selected base with desired amount of ECO Pigment (up to 6%) then add Activator AB (6%). Mix and leave for 10 minutes to allow Activator to dissolve. Re mix prior to printing. Please note that the shelf life of the base after activation is 8 hours (dependant on room temperature)
Mesh Count 43 – 77T
Use Water resistent emulsion
Squeegee – 65 Square Blade
Print wet on wet
Recommend 3 – 4mm off contact. The discharge paste must penetrate the fabric so you may need to adjust squeegee pressure
Cure for 180 seconds at 165-170 degrees C

The patented MagnaPrint® Discharge ULF Ultra range of inks which are Formaldehyde Free and Soil Association Approved.
You can either purchase ULF ready for use (RFU) and includes a high opacity white and a range of bright vibrant colours or as a base which you can mix with ECO pigments
The ink needs to be activated with 6% discharge powder prior to use, only activate what you need as the ink then as a shelf life of 4-5 hours.
Oeko tex class 1 and class 2 approved
Nike Approved
Soil Association Approved

MagnaPrint Discharge Activator M ULF G941 – Patented Formaldehyde Free Discharge System. Only to be used with ULF Bases or ULF Ready for Use inks.
MagnaPrint Discharge Base ULF G5983 – clear discharge base for strong, bright shades.
MagnaPrint Discharge Blending White ULF G5989 – semi white discharge base for pastel shades which can also be used as a discharge underbase.
MagnaPrint Discharge Super White ULF G5988 – ready made white discharge base for white shades.

See ULF video clip.

Click here for the ULF Data Sheet










RFU Inks available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre packs online price. Please contact us for bulk purchases.

Plastisol printers wanting to get the benefits of the discharge process whilst wanting to use stock Plastisol inks then Plascharge is the additive you need

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