MagnaPrint Bases


MagnaPrint® ND Extra is a non-drying ready-made pigment paste suitable for printing on white (light) backgrounds. It has been developed specifically for high mesh counts and gives super sharp print mark, ultra-soft handle with excellent wash durability.

Process Black ND
Process Yellow ND
Process Magenta ND
Process Cyan ND
Magnaprint Base ND Extra

MagnaPrint ND Extra TDS






MagnaPrint® Base FF is a ready to use water-based printing paste suitable for printing on white (light) backgrounds

Magnaprint Base FF

MagnaPrint Base FF TDS

MagnaPrint® Killer Base is a ready to use base layer ink, which significantly improves the handle and softness of plastisol inks. It can be used to replace the first layer of plastisol ink or as a replacement for discharge underbases.

MagnaPrint Killer Base TDS










MagnaPrint® Edge Range has been developed to print multi-colour designs ‘wet on wet / wet on dry’ on light and dark coloured backgrounds without the need for numerous flash units in-between.

Magnaprint Edge Neutral
Magnaprint Edge White

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MagnaPrint Edge TDS

The MagnaPrint® AquaTrans System is used to create screen printed water based transfers on release coated paper.

Magnaprint AquaTrans White TL
Magnaprint AquaTrans Neutral TL






MagnaPrint Aquatrans System TDS

MagnaPrint® Reinforcement Ink is a ready to use water-based printing ink designed to improve tear strength where maximum durability is required. MagnaPrint® Reinforcement Ink works especially well on high performance sports fabrics that will be exposed to the elements and vigorous wear and tear.






MagnaPrint Reinforcement Ink TDS

MagnaPrint® HB has been developed as a type of mock discharge system that produces discharge look prints with a soft hand on non-discharge fabric. Printed on top of either a Discharge or AquaFlex White V2 underbase (dependent on fabric)

Magnaprint HB neutral
Magnaprint HB opaque






MagnaPrint HB Range TDS

MagnaPrint HB video clip


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