Magnacolour Additives


MagnaPrint® Crosslinkers can be used to considerably reduce the time of curing pigment prints. It is compatible with most MagnaPrint® printing systems. MagnaPrint® Crosslinkeris are particularly useful where dryers are too short and have insufficient dwell time.

Magnaprint Crosslinker 100
Magnaprint Crosslinker 200

MagnaPrint Crosslinker-100 TDS

MagnaPrint Crosslinker 200 TDS

MagnaPrint® Ecofix NF is a unique formaldehyde free crosslinking agent, specifically designed to improve wash and rub fastness where ultra low formaldehyde levels are required. XL optimal crosslinker for printers with short / small drying capability. MagnaPrint® Ecofix XL / NF is compatiable with all MagnaPrint® bases.

Magnaprint Ecofix XL
Magnaprint Ecofix NF

MagnaPrint Ecofix NF TDS MagnaPrint-Ecofix-XL_TDS0218-1

MagnaPrint Ecofix XL TDS

MagnaPrint® Thickener CSP is a high efficiency multifunctional thickener developed specifically for the textile printing industry. It is supplied as a high purity inverse emulsion of synthetic acrylic co-polymers.

MagnaPrint Thickener CSP TDS

MagnaPrint® Hydrophil M is a wetting agent compatible with all MagnaPrint® bases. It can be used when necessary to obtain good penetration/push through e.g. on Terry Towelling fabrics, or to produce double sided effects on light weight materials.

MagnaPrint Hydrophil TDS

MagnaPrint® Retardant Gel is an additive to increase open time of ink in the screen and is compatible with all MagnaPrint® Bases.

MagnaPrint Retardent Gel TDS

Magnaprint Softener TS Concentrate improves the handle of the finished print whilst improving the dry rub-fastness without adversely affecting the wet rub-fastness. MagnaPrint® Softener TS Conc also improves runnability and prevents drying/choking in the screen without any adverse effect on flash performance of the ink.

MagnaPrint Softener TS Conc TDS

Other additives include :-

Magnaprint Pearl Silver SF
Magnaprint Pearl Gold SF

Magnaprint White SC
Magnaprint White UK
Magnaprint White LV
Magnaprint White HV

Magnaprint Glow Neutral

Magnacide CHP

Magnaprint Binder Flex FF
Minerprint Printofin Supra
Magnaprint Emulsifier DF
MagnaPrint® Discharge Fastness Enhancer


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