Macdermid Autotype Indirect Films


Macdermid Autotype Indirect Films are considered to be the industry default for printers wanting to produce high quality stencils for short production runs.

Five Star

Five Star is a red, med/high resolving indirect stencil film that is perfect for short run, high quality Screen printing. The flagship product in the indirect film range, Five Star is recognised world-wide as the name synonymous with consistent quality. Five Star is suitable for resolving detail down to 100 microns. Suitable for use with solvent based inks.

The extremely wide processing latitude of Five Star means that this product is exceptionally easy to use, whilst the combination of high resolution and definition, make the printing of quality images simplicity itself.

  • Mesh range 77 – 180/cm (200 – 450/inch)

MacDermid FiveStar Technical Data Sheet



The exceptionally high resolution of Alphastar makes it perfect for short run, very high quality screen printing such as ceramic decals or prototyping. The highest resolution gelatine indirect film for fine line and halftone printing. The deep blue colour gives good colour contrast. Capable of photographically resolving detail less than 50 microns. Suitable for use with solvent based inks. Low stencil profile and superb dot reproduction makes Alphastar ideal for short run, high quality screen printing.

  • Mesh range 77 – 180/cm (200 – 450/inch

MacDermid Alphastar Technical Data Sheet