Macdermid Autotype Capillex Film Range


MacDermid Autotype’s Capillex range of capillary films. Capillex are available in rolls or cut sheets.

The Capillex film range is so widely used that the name Capillex has almost become the generic term for capillary films. Capillex films are especially easy to use as the factory controlled coating provides the ultimate stencil profile. Wide processing latitude, consistency and durability produce high quality prints on every run.

Capillex 18 – The wide processing latitude of Capillex 18 makes this product ideal for fine line and halftone printing with solvent based or conventional UV inks. The high resolution and superb definition ensures that excellent print quality is achieved every time, whatever the run length. Perfectly matched for fine mesh counts, Capillex 18 is the industry choice for quality printing. Ideal for mesh counts 120 – 150T.

Capillex 20 – specifically developed for printing fine line images where quality, consistency and durability are essential. Very tough, suitable for use with solvent and UV inks. Mesh range 100 – 140T

Capillex 25 – The perfect choice for many quality screen printing applications that use medium/fine mesh. A very popular film as it provides reliable quality time and time again. Suitable for use with all solvent and UV inks. Mesh range: 80 – 120T

Capillex 30 – A red photopolymer based capillary film for use on medium mesh counts. Capillex 30 is exceptionally easy to use. The fast exposure speed is perfect for use on large screens or with lower powered light sources. Can be used with all solvent and UV inks. Mesh range: 77 – 100T

Capillex 50 – A blue/green, thick film Capillex for demanding industrial Screen Printing. Capillex 50 is the quickest way to produce high quality stencils on coarse mesh counts. Mesh range: 40 – 80T


Capillex Laminating Fluid – low viscosity, water based liquid developed to help apply Capillex to the mesh. Capillex Laminating Fluid is a thickened liquid so that it will not drip or drain back when applied to coarse or large screens. This is especially useful when applying Capillex in automated stencil application machines.

Capillex Laminating Fluid Technical DataSheet