Chromaline ProCap Capillary Films


Chromaline Pro/Cap Capillary Film is a pre-sensitized diazo capillary designed for compatibility with plastisol and solvent-based inks. Highly durable ideal for long production runs. Superior Film Penetration & Adhesion.

Pro/Cap® capillary films are recommended for screen makers demanding high edge definition and reliable durability for quality imaging in even the longest print runs.

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Chromaline Pro Cap Film Guide

  • Pro Cap 15 / 150T – Primarily┬á UV printing and fine halftones
  • Pro Cap 18 / 150T – Standard UV printing, halftones and delicate line work
  • Pro Cap 25 / 120T – Large dot halftones, fine graphics / decals, heavier deposit UV printing
  • Pro Cap 30 / 120T – Large dot halftones, fine graphics/decals, heavier deposit UV printing.
  • Pro Cap 38 / 77 to 120T – General graphics printing, soft hand textile and halftones in textiles
  • Pro Cap 50 / 77T and below – General textile printing, solder mask for circuit boards, specialty graphics

Typically shipped in 100 sheet packs, different sheet sizes available.

ProCap Film Safety Data Sheet


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