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Vynamatt (PM)

Vynamatt inks for screen printing on rigid and flexible PVC sheet combine excellent adhesion and low odour with high opacity. Typical uses of Vynamatt are for printing banners and window stickers.


RAPID DRYING: An important property of Vynamatt inks is the ultra-fast drying ideally suited to jet dryers. Vynamatt also gives excellent results when rack air drying is required.


LOW ODOUR: Vynamatt inks are based on low odour solvents for a more pleasant working environment and low odour prints.


COLOUR RANGE: The Vynamatt colour range consists of 9 bright, lead free, Sunmatch monopigmented mixing shades which when used with black, white and extender base can be readily mixed to produce almost any colour. 16 standard opaque shades are also available and are listed in the table overleaf.


Available in all pantone colours. 1KG and 5KG containers

Vynamatt (PM)

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