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Vynaglaze APR 47-00 series screen inks have been formulated to give a high gloss finish on a wide range of PVC and other plastic materials.


Exceptional flexibility, weather resistance, adhesion and a high degree of alcohol and petrol resistance makes the inks ideal for the production of self-adhesive window stickers, labels, vehicle marking and in-store and forecourt advertising, including acrylic signs.


Vynaglaze APR inks are suitable for all types of printing equipment. The inks are complemented by a carefully selected range of thinners and retarders to give optimum drying properties and press stability.


ADHESION: Specially selected synthetic resins ensure excellent adhesion to a wide range of PVC and other plastic materials. These include flexible, self-adhesive and rigid PVCs, acrylic sheet, polycarbonate and some treated polyesters. However, it is strongly recommended that adhesion to all substrates be tested before use.


FLEXIBILITY: Vynaglaze APR inks are extremely flexible and are suitable for the most stringent demands of multi-coloured work, both single and double-sided, where several layers of ink are overprinted. GLOSS: Vynaglaze APR inks combine high gloss with fast jet drying, thus minimising the danger of blocking, even with print-to-print contact.


Available in all pantone colours. 1KG and 5KG containers.


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