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UvXtra (VB)

The Sericol Uviplast UV series of inks has been developed for versatility and high performance on a wide range of substrates and applications for external use. Uviplast inks offer unlimited screen stability, freedom from re-wetting and blocking problems plus atmospheric and workplace environment advantages.

Omniplus UL can be used on a wide range of substrates including PVC, PETG, some grades of PET, polystyrene and polycarbonate. PANTONE®* Matching Formula available.


Sericol Uviplast UV Inks 

• Satin finish
• Suitable for vacuum forming


UvXtra VB is a 100% UV, line and Pro-file trichromatic screen ink designed for printing display POP items on paper, board, PVC, polypropylene & polystyrene.  Its low build formula gives excellent print results and is suitable for flatbed, cylinder and multicolour machines with fixed or scanning UV.  UvXtra VB inks are formulated to be free of n-vinyl caprolactam (NVC).


• Satin/high satin finish
• Formulated free of NVC
• Pro-file trichromatics developed to match the ISO 12647-2 standard
• PANTONE® Matching System available
• Wide adhesion range
• Excellent print definition
• Press ready formulation for large format printers
• Good finishing properties – cutting, creasing, folding
• 2 year outdoor life


Also available in all Pantone colours. 1kg and 5kg containers.

UvXtra (VB)

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