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Texiscreen (AJ)

Sericol Texiscreen Aqua AJ is a water-based textile ink, designed for direct wet-on-wet printing onto a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics.


• Gives a soft hand
• PANTONE® matching system
• Many Texiscreen Aqua AJ colours have been approved by Soil Association Certification Ltd. to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
• Exceptional wash and dry clean resistance
• Can be ironed
• Optional cold cure schedule
• Bright, vivid colours
• VOC free
• Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1

Suitable for direct wet-on-wet printing onto a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics.



• AJ001 Black
• AJ021 White
• AJ025 Opaque White
• AJ057 Seritone Yellow GS/Primrose (P)
• AJ046 Seritone Yellow RS/Golden Yellow (P)
• AJ103 Seritone Orange/Orange (P)
• AJ122 Seritone Red YS/Scarlet (P)
• AJ152 Brick Red
• AJ153 Seritone Red BS/Carmine (P)
• AJ154 Seritone Magenta/Fuchsia (P)
• AJ132 Seritone Violet/Violet (P)
• AJ218 Seritone Blue/Azure (P)
• AJ219 Oxford Blue
• AJ316 Seritone Green/Sea Green (P)
• AJ381 Extender Base
• AJ333 AJ Cold Cure Catalyst (1 Litre)
• ZT635 WB Flow Thinner (1 Litre)
• GB615 Glitter Silver (flake size .008) (1 Kg)
• GB607 Glitter Light Gold (flake size .008) (1 Kg)


Also available in all Pantone colours. 1kg and 5kg containers.


• Stencil: Use Water Resistant Emulsions such as Ulano 925WR and Dirasol 25
• Squeegee: Typically 65 – 75 Blade
• Mesh: 43 – 64T
• Cleaning: Use Water
• Thinning: Use up to 5% water
• Curing: 150 C (120 – 180 seconds depending on equipment, colour, garment and ink deposit applied). Always wash test to test cure.
• Cold Curing: Texiscreen Aqua AJ can be cold cured with the addition of 5% AJ333 Cold Cure Catalyst. Do not use AJ333 with Metallic Inks. We always recommend heat curing.
• Soil Association Approved

Texiscreen (AJ)

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