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Squeegee Blade

Screen Printing Squeegee Blade – Do you need a new roll of squeegee blade? We stock a number of different sizes and durometers ideal for both automatic and manual screen printers, so can’t find what your looking for then please contact us.


Comes in a 3.35M roll or 2.65M roll depending on product.


  • 65 Red– Soft Blade. Suggested Mesh count is 15T-55T. Ideal for – Textile Printing and high opaque designs especially light onto dark printing. Suitable for Plastisol Inks. Ideal for smoother surface.
  • 75 Green– Medium Blade. Suggested Mesh count is up to 43T-77T. Ideal for – Textile and other substrate Printing, finer detailed artwork. Suitable for Plastisol and WPS Water Based inks. Ideal for smoother surfaces.
  • 85 Blue-X Hard Blade. Suggested Mesh count is 120T-200T. Ideal for Textile and other substrate printing including Paper, Board, Metal, ceramics and glass printing. This blade will allow a good amount of pressure to increase definition to your artwork, It will also limit the deposit of ink which is great for non absorbent surfaces and extreme solvent based inks. Ideal for photographic work and fine lines. Suitable for Plastisol, Water Based, Paper & Board / Vinyl’s / Solvent Inks. Suitable for non absorbent surfaces.

Squeegee Blade

Colour / Hardness
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