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SISS PSS Solve is used to remove emulsion from your screens. Formulated for both manual cleaning and automated screen cleaning machines.  Highly effective removing all direct stencils such as emulsions and capillary films e.g.  Ulano, Murakami, Saati, SISS, Chromaline, Macdermid, CDF Direct Film (capillary film) and Sericol emulsions.


Apply neat  to your screen using  a cloth, screen cleaning brush, spray bottle to avoid getting it onto your hands. Leave the Stencil Remover on your screen for between 0-5 minutes (do not let the stencil strip dry on the screen)  to allow the stencil to soften.


You will see the stencil breaking up within a minutes of applying your Stencil Remover. Once it has been left for a sufficient amount of time blast off your screen with pressure washer.


After you have reclaimed your screen, if you have any stubborn ghosting left on your screen we would advise using the KC Haze Remover or Premier Stain Cleaner 606 to remove the ghosting. 


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