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PSS Stencil Stripper Concentrate

SISS PSS Concentrate Stencil Stripper is used to remove emulsion from your screens. Formulated for both manual cleaning and automated screen cleaning machines.  Highly effective removing all direct stencils such as emulsions and capillary films e.g.  Ulano, Murakami, Saati, SISS, Chromaline, Macdermid, CDF Direct Film (capillary film) and Sericol emulsions.


  • Dilute the product before use – do not use neat.  Mix 1 part stripper with 25 parts water. (mix in plastic containers only).
  • Apply to both sides of the mesh using a soft brush, the stencil material will start to soften. Continue brushing until the stencil material has dissolved.  Do not leave the stripper on the screen to dry.
  • When removing water resistant stencils, apply the stripper to both sides of the mesh and add a small amount of SISS KC Safewash or TS Screenwash (must be emulsifiable screen wash) and continue brushing. The small amount of solvent and water will aid the breakdown of the stencil.
  • Rinse down both sides of the screen, use a high pressure spray for best results. If there is ghosting you can use SISS KC or WM Haze removers.

Available in 1 and 5 Litre packs. Please contact us for pricing


Manufactured by SISS in the UK.

PSS Stencil Stripper Concentrate

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