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Multispeed (IQ)

Multispeed IQ is a fast drying, low odour, gloss ink designed for printing onto a wide range of flexible and rigid plastics, particularly rigid styrene.


Certain plastics may be impregnated with lubricants which, like plasticiser migration, may impair adhesion and block resistance even a considerable period after printing. This can be overcome by wiping the surface with White Spirit before printing. Surface adhesive left from protective papers on rigid PVC and acrylic sheets should be thoroughly removed in line with suppliers’ instructions.


Jet drying: line colours, 50°C 15-20 seconds. Overprints may require a longer dwell time. Trichromatics, 25-30 seconds. Air drying: 5 -15 minutes.


Thinning & Wash-up

Thinner - ZV552 10-20%

Retarder - ZV55810-20%

Washup - ZT639 Universal Screenwash

Multispeed (IQ)

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