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UV Exposure Unit with Drying Cabinet

The Exposure Unit with drying cabinet uses the UV Actinic tubes to give fast and accurate exposures. It is ideal for screen printing studios, workshops and educational establishments. Uses UV light arranged to exposure high quality stencils.


  • Model 1 – 80 x 60cm Max Screen Size
  • Model 2 – 80 x 110cm Max Screen Size
  • Model 3 – 100 x 125cm Max Screen Size
  • Model 4 – 120 x 150cm Max Screen Size


Technical details

• Drying cabinet to improve production time
• LCD control panel
• Digital control
• Fully automatic operation method for vacuum and exposing operation
• Quiet vacuum
• Yellow positional light to prepare the job
• Capable to save 10 program times


Emulsion hardener program available as standard. Units can be split down for installation –

UV Exposure Unit with Drying Cabinet

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