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MagnaPrint ULF Discharge

The formaldehyde-free MagnaPrint® Discharge ULF system consists of:

MagnaPrint® Discharge Base ULF discharge base for strong, bright shades.
MagnaPrint® Discharge Blending White ULF semi white discharge base for pastel shades can also be used as discharge underbase.
MagnaPrint® Discharge Super White ULF ready-made white discharge base for white shades.

Activator M discharge activator powder used at 6% (shelf life of bases after activation is up to 4-5 hours dependant on room temperature).

The bases are fully compatible with each other and can be mixed in any ratio to achieve the required brightness of print.



Activator M

Retardant Gel

Crosslinker 100


MagnaPrint ULF Discharge

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