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KFix2 Platen Adhesive

SISS Kfix roll on platen adhesive for garment and textile screen printing that is used to secure the garment or textile on to the platen or pallet paper when printing. It can be applied on to the platen using either a brush, paint pad, paint roller or via a spray system.


• To reactivate the adhesive all you need to do is swipe your platen with a damp cloth and either leave to air dry for 5-10 minutes or dry with a Flash Dryer.
Manual Application (Recommended Application Method)
• The most economical way to use the platen adhesive is to apply a thin layer using either a paint pad, paint roller or a brush and allow the adhesive to dry (5-10minutes) before positioning fabric. The use of the pad, roller or brush prevents “overspray” which may lead to machinery failure.
• The speed of drying can be increased if an inline flash dryer is used.
• The shelf life on this product is 2 years when stored at 5-30 degrees.

KFix2 Platen Adhesive

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