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Infinite FX Shimmer Inks

Avient™ Specialty Ink INFINITE FX SHIMMERS are a special effect with a fine-medium size metallic flake for a brilliant shimmer effect with a smooth and soft feel. These shimmers are ready-for-use or can be tinted using plastisol colorants for a custom look.


15370 Infinite FX Silver Shimmer

85770 Infinite FX Brite Gold Shimmer

85570 Infinite FX Ultra Gold Shimmer

85370 Infinite FX Pale Gold Shimmer


Avient Specialty Inks plastisol special effect inks, modifiers and additives are designed to help printers stand out from the competition!  Encompassing industry-popular effects and additives, this portfolio offers dazzling shimmers, glitters, gels, texture effects and performance-enhancing modifiers. 

When printed and cured on a garment these inks create unique surface textures and can be used as bases alone, or in combination with other additives, such as pigment concentrates.

Infinite FX Shimmer Inks

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