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Hand Curer

Hand Curer – The Hand Curer is a brilliant solution for Live Print events where you need to ability to both flash dry ink and cure.


The unit is light, safe and easy to use with the heating capability provided by medium wave lamps.  These meet operating temperatures in seconds.  You can use the curer with both plastisol and water based inks.  You can fully cure Plastisol ink in approximately 30 seconds.  The curer comes with a handy timer which is operated when you press the heating trigger.


Click here to see a video of it in action.


  • Uses standard three pin plug (single phase power (240ac 10amp))
  • So if you are short on space and usually cure using a flash dryer then take a look at the hand curer. It reaches curing temperature with a couple of seconds but as important it cools down in a couple of seconds.
  • More effective than a hot air gun, safer and more energy efficient than a standard flash dryer
  • Ideal for class rooms, small studios and specialist printers.

Hand Curer

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